Join me in NYC October 14-16

Hey guys.  Wanted to post a quick message to everyone about some classes and workshops that I am doing coming up in New York.  I am one of the instructors at the Out of New York Photography conference and this looks like it's going to be a great conference this October 14 and 15th, with an all day workshop on the 16th. If you click on this link (or on the pic above) it will bring you to the classes and workshops that I am working on.  I'll be sharing my experiences…

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40 Minute Shoot with the Canon 5D Mark IV

40 Minutes - 1 Portrait I was sitting in the studio working on a couple of classes for the Fotopromos launch, when I got a call from a friend.  As it turned out - he had with him a newly released Canon 5D Mark IV with him and wanted to find out if I wanted to put it through its paces. The catch? I only had about 40 minutes to try to setup a shot and get it online. While there are plenty of times that I will get a…


May We Never Forget 9/11

On this day, we should never forget the two thousand nine hundred and seventy seven lives that were lost on this day back in 2001.  In just a couple of short hours from a little after 8am to a little after 11am a great sadness covered us all.  I lost friends. Mothers and fathers lost sons and daughters. Wives lost husbands.  Husbands lost wives.  Children lost parents. Parents lost children.  This is something that should live with us in rememberance all of our days.  May you all rest in peace. #911   #sept11


The use of the PC in the Photo Space (and 3 lame reasons why I still use the Mac)

I always shudder at the concept of sharing my PC vs. Mac insight for the fear of the unending social back and forth that goes on with it.  That said, whenever I go out and see what new things are coming out on the PC front - I look back at the photo community and notice that there is still this under-the-surface belief that the Mac platform is the best when creating images. There are plenty of people using the PC for their work - but not a lot people waving…


Showing Pictures in the Miami Museum

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of speaking at the History Miami Museum on printing your images. Turnout was awesome and it was really cool to get out to speak about something that I think doesn't get a lot of talk in the photography space.  To that - i've been ever grateful that the printer team at Canon have indulged me as much as they have and have given me the platform to talk about this. Why I Love Printing I just think that printing is such…

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Behind the Scenes – Mixing it up w Westcott Flex Light

The last couple of months have been pretty busy from me, just in setting up a studio from scratch to do all of the work that I wanted . Now that some classes are done and recorded for Fotopromos, I had wanted to go back and start a series of blog posts that just shared some of the gear choices I was making from the start.  Figured it be kind of a mix between a Behind the Scenes look at what i'm building and a gear chat. Maybe some of…


Wrapping Up The Big Deal 2016

Hey guys.. just wanted to write a quick update on what kinds of stuff I am doing over here at the lab.. Wrapping Up The Big Deal 2016 on July 12 In starting to convert Fotopromos over to a content/education hub, one of the things I was asked to take a look at was being a contributor to The Big Deal 2016.  This is a bundle that people can buy thousands of dollars of stuff for about $99.  After reading up on all of the stuff that was in the…

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Leave It To Destiny

Another shoot in progress - I've been working on this stock image library for obesity and it's been one of the most frustrating , slow, annoying, angering projects I've dealt with. And it has nothing to do with the people themselves. Man does society need to look at itself in the mirror....Writing it all down and I'll share it on the blog soon.  ... So in the middle of the frustration you see Destiny. And you see why this is something you need to keep pushing... Thank you for that…