Central Park in the Fall

You could not have asked for a better day than today. So, I was in the mood to shoot a landscape while I was in New York City. Some of the best memories I have are walking through Central Park - so naturally this would be an immediate choice for me. However, I wanted to be able to shoot Central Park from a view not that many people get to see. What I got, was an altogether memorable experience. Let me tell you about it!


A Thanks To All Of You

Hey everyone! Before I say anything else, I want to give everyone a very very warm THANK YOU for all of the support that you've given me over the last few days. I really wanted to get out there and write something that would solve problems for people who want to get themselves online. After selling out of books at Amazon (I think twice.) it looks like they are now back in stock and ready to go. This post isn't about links to go buy it or to tell you…

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The Tampa Fair

The last couple of weeks have been a bit of a blur - running around writing and taking care of all of these projects that are in the air. Not that i'm complaining - it's been a blast being able to work on the books (more on that later), but I was beginning to feel a little atrophy on shooting and I needed to get out and try some stuff. Tripod and camera in hand I took off to the fair to see if I can get some cool shots.…

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Shooting a Rose. With a Tshirt

Sometimes, you just have to go for the black shirt. OK, so here's the situation. My buddy Paul wanted me to do some pictures of his beautiful bride's ring. We kept going back and forth about how we should best accomplish this, and all that kept coming out were picture ideas of her hand. Try as I will, I always think that the hand pictures of the ring always look as either: A disembodied hand. Think Thing from the Adams Family A Debeers commercial. A really focused shot on the…

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Shooting Sister Kill Cycle w/ Westcott Strobelites

When you walk into your work on a Saturday afternoon, and you see these guys getting a music video recorded, you NEED to start a conversation! A few months ago that was just the scenario. They're in the process of working out a video idea, and I was literally running in to pick up something that I had left in the office the day before. The guys had a very stylized look - something that I always love to shoot. In a few minutes, cards in hand, I was showing…


Give yourself a little license to play

You can click on the image and see a larger version of it in Flickr. It's cool.. If there's one thing that totally stood out for me today, is to never underestimate the power of just playing around. I think that often times I'm usually trying to execute (i'll share more on that later), than play. I think that makes getting different ideas a little harder. Take this picture for example. I went into it with no real pre-conceived ideas of what I wanted to do with it. Truthfully, I…


Back in the Saddle..and Blogging..

Dear Blog. I have been cheating on you. It's been so long since you and I connected. But finally that should change.. It's been an interesting couple of months. I've spent a lot of the time moving a lot of my personal website stuff over to one location, and consolidating all of these web properties into one spot. That, and writing "Get Your Photography On the Web" being completed (more on that later), I felt like I was able to run up for air for a few days and take…

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St. Luke the Evangelist – an HDR Pano

A friend of mine asked me to come to his church, St. Luke the Evangelist in Palm Harbor, Florida to take pictures of a mass celebrating 25 years of the church, and an installation of a new Pastor. This would have a visit from Bishop Robert Lynch from the Diocese of St. Pete. I'm sure the church would have been cool with just a series of pictures 'covering' the event, but as I sat there I thought to myself.


Spanish Photoshop Guy? Presente! @ Adobe Hispano!

This is one of those things that I thought was pretty cool to be asked to do. Marlon Ceballos is an Adobe User Groups, Community Expert, Certified Instructor, and all around awesome guy out of Bogota Colombia. He & I have chatted back and forth about teaching and training and being a Photoshop Guy. Mostly, one of the things that I was really pumped about was the his reach out as a Latino. You see, I consider myself to be very very blessed to be half Mexican and half Puerto…