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I’m Gonna Try It Once!

About a year and change ago, I started a meetup group called the Tampa Bay Strobist. The idea was to just get together with like minded peeps and go out and just play with lights in a relaxed environment. I figured - if we got 20 people to go out and try some shooting with, hey.. be great. Fast forward a year and the group's swelled to over 340. My buddy Kathy Porupski runs the group (some local photogs freaked about me having a group and cutting into their 'business'…

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Sometimes The Assistants Get all the Fun

Not too long ago, I was going through my Lightroom library looking at images of my shoots and came upon this image I made over at the Star Wars thing in Orlando. No, this isn't a post about Star Wars stuff. More it's a tribute to David Rogers from the Lightroom Tampa Bay Group. You see, David Rogers is my buddy here in Tampa - and a very competent photographer. During this event, we went out to try to make a shot lit on the inside of the ship. David…

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How much Shoot Should You Show if you Should Share Shoots :)

I can't tell you how long I sat there trying for my best "How much wood would a woodchuck chuck" moment at the title. That said, I think this is something that is often overlooked when you're out there shooting, and totally something that is worth you spending a few moments thinking about. I remember hearing once that the best Photographers out there are the best editors (it may have been a McNally-ism, or a Scott Kelby-ism but I need to check that) and I think theres a lot of…

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Hit And Miss

Over the weekend, I was coming back from an event when I decided to take a turn into John Chestnut Park in Palm Harbor, Florida. I just wanted to go drive around and scout - see if there was anything out there for me to take a picture of, or jot down for a later idea. I saw a bridge in the distance and took my scout shots. Seeing as I had a bracket of them, I came home and made an HDR of it. As much as I'd like…

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Popcorn Fight

My friend Kathy asked me not too long ago if I could help her take a picture of a concept she had for her friends dance school. For the end of the year, they wanted to have a picture made of all of the instructors in a movie theater scenario, kinda bickering with one another while she sat in the middle. Fake a movie theater? Throw popcorn? I'm down! This was actually done in a warehouse called Arts on Ninth in Ybor (sadly, the place closed down). We setup about…


The HDR Star Wars Incident

Click on the picture to see it bigger, or see it in Flickr note: This is a repost of a guest blog post that I did on the shoot over at Scott Kelby's Blog. After chatting with Frederick Van on Twitter, I thought "Wow.. i've never really told the story on my blog. So, here it goes: I was chatting with Scott a couple of days ago about my experiences at the Star Wars Celebration that just happened in Orlando, FL - and he thought it a good idea to…


The Green Room

While I was out in Atlanta several months ago I got turned onto this location via Twtter. To be completely honest, I wouldnt even remember how to get there - i'd have to do some serious twitter message searching. That said, I remember it being abandoned, I remember it being behind a fence, and I remember it being awesome. This is just one shot of a series.. If i get the location, totally will post it!

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A couple of weeks ago, I went into the city with my buddy Al to go visit my friend Jay. Not too far from his place there's a place called Emporio (At least I think that's what it was called). We settled into the restaurant for some lunch and great conversation. I found myself so incredibly blessed to just be able to sit and absorb the company of two friends - each of which I haven't had much time to visit with. I couldn't begin to say how recharged I…