Meet Dany & Issac! The La Jolla Epilogue

Meet Dany and Issac - the couple from the La Jolla Engagement.  I get to share their moment.. & how the world takes care of itself in this post.... They Contacted Me! So after a few nervous days on my part, I finally received the email that I was hoping to get. Early one morning I got an exhuberant email from Dany (the young girl in this picture) asking whether I had a video that I can send her so she could see. Throughout this entire time, Dany and her…


The Engagement at La Jolla by the Sea

So there I was walking around with Ed Sanchez (one of the co-founders of NIk Software) getting some fresh air out in the beautiful La Jolla, CA area. We were in the office checking out stuff but the day called us out to just go walk and take the sea air in. We all grabbed cameras, just in case, but I think we were mostly into just being outside for the afternoon. As we were walking, I notice a girl running down this ramp to a young man waiting, taping…


The Firedancer Shoot

My buddy from work Adam had asked me if I could take pictures of a friend of his - a firedancer. I've been looking to shoot a firedancer for a while.. but I really wanted to have a diferent look to it. I was looking for a cool city scenario. Something with a little environment. A little grit - so to speak. I did scouting for several days and outlined shoots on napkins to try to get the idea out of the way. I knew that she would have a…

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Shooting Lukas Zpira : 4 Lessons

So here's a story about working up the courage to go for what you want to shoot - and being rewarded in the process. Got a lot of cool lessons learned here.. I figured i'd share: The First Day: A Shoot with a Friend Im in the Exhibition hall of Photoshop World last year, walking around after already giving a talk at the Bogen booth. I talked about shooting, accessories and the such. It's the last day of the conference and i'm just taking it all in. walking around the…

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LEAP: Stroboscopic

There is a LOT going on in this picture, despite it being a very calm moment with Rob "The Hurricane" Peacock. For me, this was a picture that was a couple of months in the planning, but was so worth it. The basics: 6 Speedlights involved, plus some ambient. All of this was in one frame. That's what I was most pumped about. Let me give you the backstory.


Pinch Me : Rocking SF!

You know, I don't think that there is a day that i don't go to (or come from) work that I don't look at what I do and just beam. Let's see: When I was a kid, I wanted to grow up to be a school teacher. I went from that to becoming a corporate nerd.. to traveling the world.. to losing it all.. to reinventing myself and ultimately landing at the top of my game over where I am now.. it's just surreal.


The Ovallite Ringlight

Back when I was taking a look at Joey L's Sessions DVD, I noticed that he was using this light. Its a fluorescent (5400K) constant light that really works as an oversized ringlight. In the DVD, Joey mentions that he got it at a German website and had it shipped over. Turns out, I was able to find a company called Ovallite that sells it here in the US. I called up and ordered it and in a few days, it was at my doorstep.


Barry Shwartz on Wisdom

While playing around on the internet, a buddy of mine Joey L. had tweeted a great speech from Barry Schwartz on our loss of Wisdom. He makes a great call for the return of Practical Wisdom. If you're not familiar with TED - it stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design. It was a conference that brought these three fields together to speak at a conference and share ideas. Aside from the conference now they have something called TEDTalks, which I think EVERYONE should subscribe to. You can see some of…

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My Mothers Computer Portrait

Her First Computer by RC Concepcion on 500px My mom Cristela. Cristela was raised poor in Mexico in a town called Piaxtla, in the state of Puebla. She spent all of her time in Mexico raising sheep and selling tamales on the street - 1 of 14 children. Back then, children were farmhands and education wasn't really something that was instilled in them. With no education, and few skills, she came to the US and met my dad Rafael (Sr.). My Dad also didnt go to school. Two uneducated parents…