Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk: Ybor City Pictures

What a wonderful weekend for a Photo Walk here in Tampa.  I just got done with the Ybor city walk on Sunday evening, and I have to say we were absolutely blessed with beautiful weather on both of these days.  There was incredible camaraderie, good shooting, good pizza – much fun was had here.

A Photo Walk is a great place for you to become familiar with other shooters in the area- making friends by virtue of having a camera on your shoulder.  Everywhere I turned, I saw people talking to one another – asking where they were from, what they were shooting, and giving one another advice on how to make a picture.  That part for me was an absolute blast.

I took very little pictures, but I did want to at least share some shots here!  A big thank you for all of the walkers that came out today.  It truly was a blast to be able to meet all of you!!


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