Steve Jobs: You Leave An Amazing Legacy


I’ve used both Windows and Mac computers for as long as I can remember. I remember back at the office, everyone was using the iPhone, and I holding onto my Droid.. and privately wondering if I would switch over to it when the contract was up.

I remember getting the iPad and bringing it home to the family. While I was really hooked on it after a bit, it was Sabine’s use of it that really caught my eye. In such an incredibly short amount of time- this little girl that was not yet two years old was flying through apps, and engaging with this on an incredible level. I believe that this spoke so well to how tuned the user experience was on the iPad – easy enough that a child can jump into it.

This was also a time where Gizmodo was running articles about Steve Jobs famously getting into arguments with people over email. I remember thinking “man.. it must suck to be baited to argue.. only to have your junk posted online.. yet theres so much good here”

Don’t know why, but I decided to write a letter and send this picture over to him. Among things, I remember writing “… This device is awesome. Sabine’s going to be 2 on September 11 – and its a testament to your company that she can do amazing things with it. In that.. I believe you guys have truly created a magical device. Enjoy the pic.”

Not too long after, I would get an email back from Steve, asking for a high resolution copy of the pic. It was a cool back and forth that got to a really cool conversation at home about where all of this technology is headed.

Our child stands on my lap and looks at the screen, and when she doesn’t see something she likes, she wants to swipe it. To her – this is her learning tool, her entertainment, her tech guide. This was her abacus.. and to think that this little thing is able to do so much with it speaks volumes to what Steve Jobs leaves behind. He will be remembered as a legendary visionary.. and I can clearly see why every day.

Rest in peace, Mr. Jobs.


  1. Hi R.C.-

    I have to ask, I know you LOVE cookies and use them often in teaching, but is that a cookie behind your daughter on the floor???

    If it is,,,I’m not suprised (LOL) !!!

    Have a great day !!


  2. Funny part is, thats a waffle she didn’t want to eat. 🙂

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