Sunset – How Music Inspires Images


Earlier today I posted a preview of the image that I was working on Google Plus ( Very happy to say that I finally finished the darn thing!  The work on it wasn’t too bad, but just wanted to get the overall mood of it in my head.

I did this shot about a year ago, during my time up in NY for Photo Plus East.  I had originally tried for getting a shot of central park really high up – but it didn’t work.  Being so high up in New York City, I always use the moment to just listen to music and be so to speak.  I remember downloading a Hans Zimmer playlist and had it on a loop while I was out there hunting for an image.   The image invariably became this one.

I’ve worked on several versions of this file, but I havent gotten my fingerprint on what I -actually- wanted To show.   Today I was working on an HDR app class that Im releasing.  The Hans Zimmer playlist comes up again, and I go and finish the file.

If you click on the image above, you can get to the  1920×1280 high res of this shot should you want it.  Have at it…   I absolutely love this moment.. and was so happy to complete it. Download it if you like. 🙂


  1. I LOVE this shot and appreciate you sharing. You’re a true inspiration. Best aE

  2. RC, I purchased your new book “the HDR book.” love this shot. The book is very helpfull and this image has been a lot of fun to work on with my system. It truely is a pleasure to work along with your photo’s and follow the directions from the book, and then to put my own spin on them now that I have a better understanding of the HDR work flow. Thank you. Kevin.

  3. Nice, but ya gotta take care of those highlights like the CNN sign, which are glowing from the mechanical merge… Gotta do those manually invariably in night shots since the long exposures flare horribly and it looks like detail to the merge. 🙁

  4. D.N. – being a CNN fan, I kinda like the sign.. 🙂

  5. RC, I love the photo . The sky is what does it for me, just something about the clouds that pulls me into the city. How do you go about finding locations to get these views? There have been a few times while traveling I have wanted to get a high up view of location, but didn’t know how to go about getting access to the high ground. Any tips?

  6. I really like this use of HDR to capture some of the magic of seeing the image in person that would otherwise be lost when taking a normal digital photo. I’ve seen quite a few other examples of HDR that over do the effect and the result doesn’t look real at all.

    Thank you for sharing this photo!

  7. Hey RC,

    As a professional musician and photographer, I totally get how the music inspires the photograph.

    I have taken many photos that I have either written music for or have been inspired by another artist.

    The coolest part is the relationship that you will have with that one moment, whether it is a great photo or not. It is a complete emotional experience every time you go back to the photo.

    Thanks for sharing!


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