Packing It In

I totally can’t take credit for this one – this is something that +Matt Kloskowski gave me as a Tip. So i’m packing to go to NY for a week. Because I like to bring every piece of gear known to man, I’m taking my Thinktank Airport Security V2 Bag

Problem is, once I get to NY, I never have a deployable shooting bag when I get there. Because I committed to bringing the big bag, I dont have a bag that I can use to just put a body and a spare lens in. For me either the Thinktank Retrospective 30 or the 20 would be cool.. They crumple down relatively well, they look inconspicuous, built nice.. and functional.

The solution? This is my suitcase – Pants and heavy stuff on one side. Ditty bag in the middle. The top bag – I take the Retrospective 30 and collapse the dividers. In there I pack shirts, undies, and things inside of it. Then I drop the whole bag in the suitcase. This way, when I get to my location, I unpack the bag, and I have a smaller bag I can deploy to.

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  1. I got the Retrospective 20 and love that bag. Will be putting it through the paces on my upcoming trip to DC and will be putting this tip to the test to get it there.


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