Two Things To Help Your Event Photography At Home

This one is going to sound like a duh moment for special events, but theyre two that I have painfully experienced, and wish you to remember.

Forget Pixel Peeping:
Crank up your ISO. Get as shallow as you can with your lens. Make sure you have more than enough light into the scene. Whatever you do, dont come out of this with nothing but blurry pictures because you thought ISO 200 would give you a noise free shot. It did – a Noise free shot of Blur.

At the end of the day, whomever sees these shots will always look at the moment, and not really stress about the dots on the page.

Hand The Camera Off
It’s funny being a photographer in a family. I dont know about you guys, but I never get a cooperative moment when i’m making a picture. There’s always the “oh god.. here we go again with the camera” sideways look from my wife (god love ‘er, +Jenn Concepcion ). The fussy “Do you want us to pose over here” moments from friends. No one really wants you to do what you do – no matter how good you are. You are that dude from Yearbook, that everyone avoids, no matter how much they love you.

You know when they love you again? When you show them the results of that work. That’s when they go “Oh, wow.. I want this one.. and this one.. can we print this one.. oh its this one..” Yet you swallow a shot of bile and smile.. cause it’s what you’ve wanted all along.

This is how you combat it. Set your camera to the highest probability of capture settings (high ISO, low F stop, Program mode.. super easy focus 3 stop bracketing), and hand it off to someone in that scene. Then, run into the scene, and tell them to shoot brackets like they got paid by the picture. When you get back and find that your photo album finally has you in it.. you’ll be happy that you’ve fallen in love with one of the most beautiful and annoying art forms in the world.


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  1. So “P” can stand for “People” in those

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