Getting Those Random Orders Out. Mpix Pro Style

One of the resolutions that I made for myself this year is to take all of those random shoots that I got where someone said “Hey.. can you help out and shoot X” and finally get them edited and printed out. Rather than firing up the printer and creating the prints – i’d rather let the big guys handle it.

I have an Mpix Pro account, so I downloaded their ROES program, and just started whipping through books there.

What I did that works for me: I cleared out my whiteboard in my home office, and just set the name of the shoot that i’m doing, and to the right of it, what products im going to make with them. From there, just fire up the ROES program and just make it, buy it and cross it off the whiteboard. Progress begets progress, so that will at least motivate me to finally getting these things to bed. If you’re out there shooting, and totally want to let someone else do the heavy lifting, make sure you check em out.

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  1. What is the major difference between just uploading to Mpix and using the ROES software? I have downloaded the ROES and played with it but I really didnt see much difference. Thanks

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