Chicka Chicka Fill Card

Saw +Gilmar Smith posted something for #WindowWednesday , I figured i’d find something that I hadn’t shared yet.

This was a shot I did of my little one. I had been looking to do this super ethereal shot of a really dark room with just a pin of light on the child, so initially,, she was actually facing towards the light. Big bright light source in front of a child – totally not cool. This will shut a shoot down in no time. I figured, “OK. Instead of having the window be the primary part, what if I just show the shadow of it and have it play a secondary role?”

I figured by turning her away she’d stop being bothered by the light. How do you balance out an image where the subject is turned away from a light? Fill card.

Instead of using a Fill , though, i figured.. hey.. a book can work. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom is primarily white pages with color. The white will serve as a fill card, and she can keep distracted by looking at it.

While I would love to be out there shooting awesome photography projects all the time, that doesn’t mean that your execution of projects need to be immense in nature for you to benefit and keep moving forward. Shooting around your house can produce more than enough learning experiences for you.


  1. Photos of your lovely daughter are always fantastic, no matter how simple!!

  2. What a cutie! Great photo of a beautiful subject..:)

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