Ansel Adams on Photography : Hints on HDR

I usually spend my lunch breaks watching videos on photography. This Ansel Adams video is oone that I almost always come back to, time and time again. Share this one on!

What I think about it is to how timely a lot of the considerations he thinks of are today. If you listen to what hes considering in terms of tone and exposure, these are all things that we do as HDR photographers all the time. The amount of science he drops in this video is immense. This is why its important to tip your hat to the masters before you. Enjoy!

Part 2:
Part 3:


  1. Fantastic…thanks for making space for this RC…it’s good to see…it just tells me I have more in common than difference with Mr Adams than I perceive.

    An Addition.

    Part 4:

  2. Thanks RC for putting this up. He really was an amazing person with an amazing life.

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