Keeping Backup Memory Cards in the Glovebox

Went out to shoot with my buddy James Davidson yesterday evening, and after coming up bust on a couple of locations, we turned to the Univeristy of Tampa and its Plant Hall for some HDR shooting. Right before this however, we were getting our cameras ready when I noticed that I was going to be in need of a memory card. Bad. Like Im not getting any shots if I dont have a card – bad.

As i’ve been upgrading my cards on for my cameras, I was making it a habit of stacking the old ones i wasnt using in my garage. A couple of months ago someone told me “Why dont you just throw a couple of those older cards into your glovebox as backup.. you never know when you’re going to need it”

Sure enough, I go to my glovebox, and there are a pair of 8GB cards and a 4GB card, just waiting for me to use them. It doesnt really matter that size you put in there – put something. You never know when you’ll pull an RC moment. 🙂


  1. Spot on advice. I’ve been doing the same since going on a photowalk two years ago only to find I left with an empty camera. I got a few good shots with my phone, but it just ain’t the same. I’ve kept a couple of 4gb cards in the car ever since. Sad to say, I’ve even had to resort to them a couple of times.

  2. I had my RC moment when I took my brand new Leica to Lady Gaga’s concert WITHOUT any cards .Ever since, I always have a card in the coin pocket in my wallet. Always =)

  3. Not a bad idea, but the last bunch of shoots I’ve done were from rental cars. I think I’ll just toss a couple of those old 4gb cards into that weird zipper compartment of my camera bag. I’ll keep my think tank card wallet stuffed with the bigger cards.

    I have to admit.. there was one model shoot… a long time ago…. that ended abruptly when I didn’t have a CF card. I’ve been careful ever since.

    When I repack my bag after every shoot, I make sure there is an empty formatted card in both slots of both cameras. I make the assumption that the local paper is going to call in the middle of the night and that they want to send me somewhere immediately. The bag is packed, the cameras are loaded, and I’m ready to roll before I go to bed.

  4. Just keep them away from the speakers!

  5. I keep old, small CF cards in each of my camera bags and hiking rucsacks just in case I forget my Thinktank wallet. I may have to shoot jpeg, but at least I’ll get a shot.

  6. Great tip ..will remember to throw up int he glow box from now on..thanks

  7. Do we worry that months of heat/cold (winter/summer) will damage the cards?

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