NIK HDR Efex Pro 2: Weekend Only Deal!

Hey everyone, RC here with pretty cool news! Nik Software has just released a new version of their killer HDR software – HDR Efex Pro 2. They’ve got a new tonemapping algorithm, some sweet speed increases, and a new interface. Rather than me sit here and just go on and on about it, I figured it be a neat idea to just walk you through the process with one of my files. I’m even including the file for you guys to play with at the bottom of this post!

Scott Kelby Fans Get a Jump Start and a Great Discount!

So, here’s the deal. We are all getting advanced access to Nik HDR Efex Pro at a very reduced rate. How reduced? Its like 40 dollars off… In order to check it out, go to this link:

Some Samples of Images Tonemapped with HDR Efex Pro 2

I know that just showing a quick video of a tonemapping process wouldn’t be enough to convince you that this is something that you should really look at. That’s why I went ahead processed all of the images below with HDR Efex Pro 2. This thing is the real deal.

Download the RAW Files Used in the Video

I didnt want to just show what I can do here with the program – I also wanted to see what you guys come up with!! To that, I figured it be cool to get you a link with the RAW Files (its about 108MB in size.. 8 RAW Files). This way, you can play with them and share with me what you come up with. Download the program, take these files for a spin and share with me what you come up with!! Download the file here:

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  1. Hi RC,

    just a small question. I’m interested in HDR a lot, went through Photomatix 3, PS CS5, Photomatix 4 and now I felt in love with Nik HDR Efex. Love the possibility to have several HDR methods and most of the time I’m using Dark Soft method. I didn’t see any chance to switch methods in new version 2. Did I just miss it or there really isn’t any drop down menu?

    Speed and quality improvements are nice, but not having a chance to change the method is quite bad for my work. To be honest, this made me switch from Photomatix.

    I’d apreciate any tips about this and will you be sharing some of your presets? Thanks

  2. I have recently purchase HDR Efex Pro 2 with the discount you gave. I have used in many time since purchase, and I love it but I am having one problem. When I save the HDR Tiff photo it dosent export back into Lightroom. I have went in the settings and told it to stack with original image but I dont see it. Also when I try to import it into Lightroom with the same files its grayed out and wont let me. So to work on it I have to make a new catalog. Can you help me with this issue. Thanks, love your work. Im tying to make it to a photoshop world. It seems something always comes up. One Day!

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