Talking Backup : Different Solutions

Earlier this morning I saw that +Scott Kelby posted an entry to his blog where he talked about the backup strategy that he chose for him in the office and home (you can read it here: ) . In the original post and on this new one, we mention G-Tech, Synology and Drobo.  Just wanted to mention that I am in the process of working with all three solutions presently and making an article for a start/finish kind of piece to show people one way of using these systems for a backup.  A lot of people have questions, and I want to make sure we can give as many answers as possible…


  1. Yes! Please do it just like your most-excellent book “GetYour P on the Web” – for me, a godsend. I’m not that techy, but your instructions were spot-on! Thanks RC!

  2. Really looking forward to this post.
    When can we expect it?

    I currently have a Drobo with FireWire but not very happy with it.

    It’s not a real NAS.

  3. Looking forward to your comments. Maybe you will talk also about the hard drives. There are so many and I haven’t been able to find any articles that really discuss which are the most reliable or even what models are considered enterprise models. I have been able to infer from some articles that enterprise is a term used for more commercial,heavy duty (reliable) hard drives.

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