A Christmas Decorating Break

Sabine Annabel is taking a yogurt break from hanging ornaments and getting the house ready for Christmas.  Holiday music in the air, and she’s digging playing with the reindeer and Charlie Brown toys under the tree..

.. and we havent even started the holiday season in earnest.  This is gonna rock this year.

Picture on left is my wife +Jenn Concepcion all time fav shots from +Joe McNally (can see a vid called “Proof” here if you havent: and pic on right is an +Lew Bedell Canvas from – the Christmas Card i’ve always wanted to make. Picture is here:


  1. Nice. I remember seeing your short “Proof” when you first did it. It brought a tear to my eye then. Just looked at it again and I teared up again. A couple years later and it still has the same effect. I’m a big fan. Have happy holidays. Hope your family enjoys the upcoming year.

  2. What a great picture. I can’t wait til we start setting up our tree. The video is great. I’ve been watching joes videos on kelby training over the weekend.

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