Why I Love What I Do : Diane

So a couple of days ago I was teaching at a tour stop in Fort Lauderdale, Florida the Photoshop CS6 for Photographers class. Things are going great, and everyone seems to be enjoying themselves in the class. Lunch comes and everyone bolts out to get a bite to eat.

I usually dont like going out as I know that many ppl want to get their questions answered at this spot. I go hang by one of the tables and just field questions. Out of the corner of my eye, I see this lady making a little bit of a hurried Bee line for me. She gets there and seems a little out of breath.

“Are you Rafael Concepcion”

“Yes thats me.. ” I reply.

“Do you know Diane Osborn?”

“No.. I dont think so.. ”

She then proceeds to name the most iconic thing about Diane. You see, Diane had the most amazing dreads out there. Total Rasta! I absolutely loved them! I know this because Diane is prob one of our strongest fans – easily having attended OVER a dozen Photoshop World conferences. Every year, she comes by the Alumni room (special place where 4+ attended Photoshop World people go) and hangs out there. I make it a point to stop her and just listen to her stories. She just seemed like that kinda person that has just seen some @)(*S.

“Oh yes! I most certainly know Diane. Whats up?”

She proceeds to tell me that Diane is in a hospital about 40 minutes north of Fort Lauderdale. She has Cancer. She sent this lady down to send me a message that she really would love to see me.

I’m thinking to myself… “Here’s a lady who is sitting with the worst possible news on her lap in a hospital. And she wants to see -me- She’s focused on Photoshop.”

Thankfully, I had a family member in the area, and immediately after the seminar, we headed up to the hospital to catch up.

I feel blessed beyond measure to be surrounded by some amazing people, both as colleagues and as fans. It’s never been lost on me that, for the most part, I couldnt even get arrested in many places because of who I am.. and that it takes an incredibly long amount of time to explain to my family what I do for a living. Mostly they just think im a nerd.

But for those who love photography and Photoshop – this is a big thing. Creating is a big thing. Keeping up with you passion is a big thing. And if I can help or inspire anyone to want to have a conversation with me, let alone someone as awesome as Diane..

.. the only way I can describe it for me .. is intense…

I cried pretty much the whole way there.. and cried like a baby when I got the hotel room.

What I’d Love To Do For Diane

She’s got a plan.. and shes totally set. Shes moving to California and she’s made a date that she and I are keeping to see each other at Photoshop World in Vegas (shes gonna skip this April in Orlando)

I’m a big believer in collective positivity. Call it prayer, call it vibes. Lets just take a moment and send an amazing person some good vibrations.

We should all be this dedicated to the things that we love. I for one, see myself as such a newbie student.


  1. RC and Diane –

    I’m going too. I’ll see you both there!

  2. This is such a beautiful story my friend, and while Im not happy with you for making my face wet… Ill forgive you!
    Im reminded yet again that people may not remember what you say… or what you do, but they will always remember how you made them feel.


  3. Dear RC and Diane,

    I must have met you Diane…. I wish you the best!!!!!! I too will be missing the Orlando conference. In the last year, I’ve initiated a divorce, and just now been diagnosed with breast cancer and I wish you the best of strength and good humor in dealing with your illness. RC, I’m so glad you were able to make Diane’s day! ¡Eres increíble chico! Cuídate bien.

    con cariño, Jeannie

  4. Adding my dose of collective positivity.

  5. Thoughts and prayers are going out to Diane. Thanks for sharing the story RC, I’ve had many family members with cancer over the years and my mother in law is currently beating colon cancer because of treatments but more importantly, the collective support and prayers she receives from our little town. Here’s to hearing positive news on Diane when you meet her at PSW Vegas.

  6. RC, your story about Diane really touched my heart.. I will. E praying for Diane.

  7. Beutifull story, if we all line up and tell our stories of how Dianne touch our lives it gone reach all way to heaven For sure, Dianne is a blessing and she greeted us the first time we meet and every time after with “BLESSINGS” What? I can feel she laughing and hear she say ” So Wha ya think, I would stop now, even better to reach ya all, with, you know it, BLESSINGS

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