Evie is Off To Her New Home

Today was a wild mix of emotions.  After much soul searching and thinking,+Jenn Concepcion and I decided that it would be best to give both Sabine and Evie a chance at having the best possible chances out there – and that Evie being here wouldnt really do it because of what appears to be a constant allergy on this.  Jenn and I had stomach turning times on this as we didnt want to feel like we were putting the puppy “Back in The System” – so to speak.  I mean, she was well on her way on being housetrained (only 2 accidents), and in 10 days knew three commands.

Our Hero today, without question is +William Beem and he deserves much thanks.  With a big heart, and a big love for dogs, William jumped at the chance to give Evie a new home with his family of pets.  She has a big fenced in yard to roam and play, and friends to keep her company.  And no worries of dumb owners and possible sneeze attacks.

The day after we got Evie, I started getting this suspicion that things were not right – I cant really explain it.  I just knew things were off.  Because of that, I started changing the references that we were making about Evie being in our family to “hey Sabine, are you enjoying Evie’s visit?  Hey.. how do you think her visit is coming?”  I wanted her to stay, but I was fearing the worst.  I figured.. id rather be the hero dad that extended her visit indefinitely than the one that cut the ownership short.  Because of that, +William Beem  was just coming by the house to pick up Evie, after her visit.. and Sabine appears to be cool with it.

Jenn and I on the other hand?  Kinda not.  I am ever grateful that Jenn’s friends Molly and Michelle and their kids were here..  I expected this to hurt.. just not as much as it did to either of us.

The great part about it was that Evie was a ball of wagging tails to William, licking his face so completely, and excited to be hanging with him.  As he stood and we told him about what she likes.. and how we talk to her after poops, Evie just sat by his feet.

She is such a great dog.  And from what I hear from William – getting along just fine in his home.

But i’d be lying if I didnt say that this blows ..    We’ll totally look for another pet ..  but for right now, i’m just going to go take a walk with no leash, and be happy heroes like William are out there.

I know she’s going to love her new home.


  1. That’s a shame. Understandable but too bad it didn’t work out. I could see that yo were really attached to her.

  2. All of you rock big time !
    Sabine, for her love and understanding at such an early age. I suspect she knows more about the whole thing than we all think =). You and Jenn rock big for giving sweet Evie a try, and for finding the happy end for her adoption story. And of course, Mr.Beem for his giant heart. Lovely story about great people, we need more of your kind in the world.I hope you have a wonderful 2013!!

  3. I’m sorry RC. That must have been a gut wrenching decision.

    We had two big dogs that lived inside and died of old age complications in the last year. We loved them but didn’t want to have to have to vacumn dog hair ever again.

    Our youngest daughter used to work for a dog groomer and did her research. We recently adopted a mini schnauzer from a certified no kill shelter in Clearwater. Schnauzers are hypo allergenic and I’m not finding hair everywhere. The hairball used to look like we vacumned up a puppy every week!

    There are other hypo allergenic dogs too. Best wishes on your quest to be the best daddy ever!

  4. You are right. It does “blow”! It is amazing how quickly we become attached to them. I am so glad that it worked out well in the end and that you didn’t put Evie back into the system. Not only are you passionate about what you do, you are also a very kind soul.

  5. Echoing Beth’s comments, I think you had the wrong dog at the right time, RC. I, too, am allergic to dogs but I love every one that I meet.

    Poodles have had a bad rap; they’re great. We had a poodle for 16 years and although she passed in 1985, I have such fond memories of her and our family. Poodles come in all sizes, including standard. Super smart. Yorkies are also great.

    No animal loves you back like a dog and has such an impact on your life. And I can tell from the stories that you have a lot of love to give to the dog in your family’s life.

    Best wishes for a great 2013.

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