Hanging with Joel Grimes


I had all of these ideas about what I wanted to do when I got to LA. What I didn’t count on was how you are pretty much NOT in LA when you are in Pasadena. So I didn’t get to do many of those things.

When my plans to awry I don’t really let it get me down. I’m only here for 24 hours. I’m just going to relax and go for a walk.

Well that got me walking right by th photography studio of m buddy Joel Grimes ( He has some amazing work – I’ve wanted a portrait done by him forever now.

So we are talking and he’s like “hey. How about we work on that portrait now… You got time”

… All the time you need, buddy 🙂


  1. WOW man I am inspired and quit blown away. Met RC tonight – had a great meeting about olloclip. We went to meet Joel (Who is awesome by the way) and RC shot a couple of portraits of me in like minutes I – he tweaked em on the fly on his iPhone and BAM they are awesome! Thanks RC for a great meet up and thanks for the intro to Joel.

    Looking forward to great shoot tomorrow.

    Thanks again!

  2. Very cool man, looking forward to seeing it. He has such a cool style! Any idea on when it will be done? I’m sure he’ll let you post it on your blog…

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