1. Thanks RC for another great podcast! Loved the synology segment! Great stuff

  2. Great video! I just got a DS413j and am in the process of organizing all my files and moving them over to it. Love it so far.

    Quick question about your files: I assume that you shoot in Raw format. Do you save a small or fullsized jpg of your files so that the Synology can display them? Some of the file sizes from the new DSLRs are extremely large, even in jpg mode. Can it display raw files? Do you use the photo app from Synology, or any other app for dealing with your photos?

    Thanks for your help- sorry for so many questions.

  3. Love the update on your experience with the Synology product and am looking for more information on how it’s working for you.

    I’ve just watched the segment on Network-Attached Storage in the Kelby Training video “Accessories Basics: Memory & Storage”. Is that the Kelby Training video that you reference in this Tips & Tricks edition? Will there be more — or is that about all there is to say on the subject?

    I’ve decided that it’s time to bite the bullet and upgrade my storage capability to something more professional — too many external drives standing around — and they tend to fail (as we all know) at the most inconvenient times — leading to time spent retrieving backed up folders or worse yet, paying to recover data from dying drives.
    THX – always enjoy your posts & perspectives.

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