Meeting Karolin and Nick Troubetzkoy

Today we had a pretty awesome day at the Jade Mountain Workshop with Joe McNally. Great group of students lent for some really cool photographic moments out on the beach. There is such a great vibe to this place.. its hard not to make a great shot.

We concluded the evening, and headed to dinner with the Allards for the evening. As Jenn, Joe and I were headed down, our friend Edmund (Manager here at the resort) met us..

“Hey guys.. Nick and Karolin would like to say hi.. have a minute?”


You see, Anse Chastanet and Jade Mountain are both the brainchild of Nick Troubetzkoy. They own this place, and their hand on every aspect of the design is seen in pretty much everything. To be able to meet them and say thanks for providing such a beautiful place was definitely something I was grateful for.

To chat with Karolin (albeit briefly) and hear that she was a fan of my work was even more fulfilling. I feel like I get to make beautiful #Photography because of how inspiring this place is. I wanted to be sure to thank them for creating this haven.

I figured it only appropriate to take another stab at a shot of the Jade Club that i’ve been meaning to make for a bit. Very little clouds and a starry night just meant that conditions were great for the image.

Hope you enjoy it!

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