Stadtbibliothek – Stuttgart

I was finished early at the Nokia / Carl Zeiss workshop in Aalen today.  I decided to go back to Stuttgart and see if I could get my car a day early to head over to Prague.  As it turned out, they could not get me the car, which meant I would be stuck out here for the day.

I sat in my hotel room (who am I kidding… i slept) and did some work.  Around 7:30 I got tired of feeling bad about being here. I thought to myself “The Stadtbibliothek  (municipal library) is right in the Schlossplatz (main square).  They close at 9.  I can either sit here and just be grumpy, or head out there and see if I can make a shot.

Got on the DB – headed to Stuttgart Hauptbanhof.  Getting there, I ran full tilt to the library.  I made it there with 8 minutes to spare.  Went up to the middle of the place and shot this on a D800. 24-70.

Walked out and made some other shots a the Schlossplatz – stuff I wouldve never gotten had I just sat here and whined about it.

Move.  The difference between having a picture and not is how motivated you are to going out there and getting it.



  1. So true and a good reminder!…thanks for posting it!

  2. I not only pinned this to my Modern Libraries I Dig #Pinterest board… but I’m making it the cover of the board too.

    Of note… your site has a smaller image than on G+ found that interesting.
    Also interesting was the name of the image on your site as it showed up ( the only thing that shows up when I go to pin it ) which was “stlibrary2″Least its not DSC_34789. But a full name would probably be better in SEO..
    In fact….I think I’m going to set some time aside and go though my images.. I know some of my posts suffer the same!

    Cheers GREAT shot! I love that color blue when its swimming in white.

    Have a safe flight back sir.

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