My Christmas Message To All of You..


This Christmas 2013, Jenn, Sabine, and I wanted to make sure to wish you guys a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year. I count myself ever grateful to be able to share with you guys not only my Photoshop and Photography , but a little bit of what makes me happy, family wise. I’m grateful for all of the messages I get from all of you guys on it, and I thank all of you for your patience when I do so. I am blessed beyond measure.

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  1. Thank you RC and Merry Christmas to you, Jenn and Sabine as well. I appreciate not only your enthusiasm for teaching and photography, but, as a retired Pediatrician, I’ve long appreciated your love for your family and especially your connection with Sabine. Yours is the type of family I enjoyed working with the most.

    I hope to meet you in person some day and go shooting with you. Let me know if you’re ever going to be out in the Monterey/Carmel area of California. Best wishes for a fun and enlightening New Year.
    Marty (also the guy)

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