Jamming to the Numark iDJ Pro

Back Story:  I grew up in the South Bronx… during the time where Hip Hop and scratch mixing was what everyone wanted to do.  I was a scratch DJ.  Three of my brothers were DJ’s.  We had crates of records and turntables. I had a DJ setup in my bedroom.  Its one of those things that I know I couldnt do anymore now that ive grown up.. but it was something that I enjoyed very much.

Not too long ago, I was introduced to +Algoriddim  and their AWESOME app = DJay for the Ipad.  I’ve been enjoying the heck out of using it, marveling at how half a station wagon worth of gear have been reduced down to the ipad.  Santa paid notice to that and for Xmas, I got the #Numark   #IdjPro  controller for it (thank you very much Santa!!!!!!!) .  I wanted to see just how far technology has come on it.. and see how easy it would be to pick it up and use the tech to make something.

So.. I paired an iPhone video of me using it with a recording out of DJay.  Edited in#Photoshop  . Theres no way I’ll get into it enough to try to become the worlds next best DJ.. but I will enjoy the heck out of my evenings!

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  1. Pretty impressive. Jack of all trades I see. I bought your “Get your photography on the web” book when it first came out. I finally sat down to read it last night. I’m having a hard time putting it down. I’m on chapter 9 already (I hate to read). Anyway ran across you website on page 155 and decided to check it out. Your scratching blew me away. Looks fun.


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