Another Unapologetic Dad Moment. Sabine and the Piano!

I like to attempt to play piano. Been trying at it for a very long time. Its on my bucket list to actually learn how to play music. That said, anyone who knows me knows that music is a _very_ important component in my life. It shapes the pictures I make. Its constantly running in my head. I just love it. I have been hoping that my daughter Sabine would be interested in it.. but I didn’t want to pressure her into doing so. Couple of months ago Jenn Bontempi Concepcion and I noticed that she took an active interest in wanting to try. We were recommended a teacher, and we started.


  1. I totally love this. I think she’s so good. I grew up with the piano – my mother studied to be a concert pianist so I had piano lessons forever and I’m so thankful. Music is from the soul.

  2. I’m in the same boat as you are with this. My oldest daughter has been playing violin for a few years, but my youngest just started piano about a month ago. Yours seems to be quite a bit ahead of where mine is at the moment, so I’m a bit jealous actually.

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