Just What I Needed.

I have been having a blast here out at GPP in Dubai. Wonderful people. Great Vibe. That said, Id be lying if I didnt say I wasnt chomping at the bit for tonight.

Tonight was the night that I connected with my buddy Mohammed. Mo was someone that Jeremy Sulzmann and I lived with when out in Germany. These two guys were so incredibly special for me during my time out there. So much so, that Anna Sulzmann , Jeremy, and Mo were present for when I proposed to Jenn Bontempi Concepcion in London – Mo flying in from Dubai to hatch the plan! (See the whole story here: )

That was the last time I saw him.. and I hated that its been that long to see these guys. God, I hadnt seen Mo’s wife Romi since we -left- Germany. To get out of Knowledge village and just hang out and watch a game out by Jebel Ali, have some Molokheya and smoke a little bit of Shisha with some new friends. Man- talk about a soul boost. Such a smile on my face last night!

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