The New Razer Blade is Here


Oh, it’s -ON- now. The new Razer Blade 14′‘ touchscreen laptop just came in. I’m really digging what Min-Liang Tan and the crew are doing over there with their machines.

More and more on tour, i’m asked about what kind of machines would make for great processing machines for creatives (Photographers, Video Editors, Designers) . I often tell people that the machines that are used by gamers are often great candidates because of the amount of sheer power thats thrown in for handling complex graphics. The problem here has always been size and battery.

Razer’s doing really well here IMO. Great sizes – using latest Intel Core i7. Power supplies have -seriously- shrunk. Now add to it touchscreen, and you start really digging into Windows8 stuff (which I dig). Obviously, it just came in and I have to put it through paces.. but at 14” i can see this puppy be a good travel shoot companion. Good job guys..

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