Fuji XP70 Photos and a Cool Dad Moment

Figured i’d share a cool story that happened to me this Saturday.  Part of it is sharing some images I took underwater.. part of is about listening to a little voice inside of you as a parent to see what kinds of gifts it brings…


So Sabine, Jenn, and I had a pretty good day. Went out to our friend Mia’s birthday party for her son. Went to the mall and got lunch, went to the bookstore to get a book, and came home.

Jenn was going out with her friends tonight , which meant Beenie and I were off to our own devices. Figured it was time to hit the pool!


Figured this would give me some time to play around with that Fuji XP70 that I wanted to test. Got to say- for 190 bucks it’s done pretty well. I’m still anxious to see how the AW120 from Nikon does, but that’s like 150 more. Last week our friend John brought his life proof case out to the pool and a couple of hours later had to run to the Apple store because water got in his iPhone and stopped working.


With those life proof cases being about 90 bucks , I could safely say that I’d spend a little more to remove the hassle of possibly flooding my phone (I rely way too much on it for work). Just don’t know if if triple the cost.


The XP70 is definitely good. Wireless transfer to your computer and phone. Good pictures. Ok video. This could definitely be a good entry camera for the occasional pool jaunts and light snorkel. We’ll wait to see on the AW120 .

After the pool , it was already after 8 (bedtime) when Sabine asked if we could go to Wendy’s. While I would normally say no as it’s past bedtime something told me to relent and see what it brought.

Sabine was over the moon that “…we are hanging out at night time !!” She was so happy.

“Daddy. Are we on a date?”

“Yes honey. We are at a daddy daughter dinner date. ”

“Will we get married?”

“No baby. I already married mommy. And besides. I cannot marry you. I already have the most important job in the world with you.”

“what’s that?”

“Bring your daddy!”

“Yeah! Right. I love going to dinner with you Daddy,”

“Me too honey…”

After dinner – something really cool happened. While cleaning up – Sabine stands up and moves towards the center of the tables. She asks me to put my phone away and wait. With enough clearance she looks back at me and extends a hand to me.

Once I grab it, she pulls me in and we start to dance in the middle of the restaurant. I desperately reach for my phone and set the Camera Awesome app to the intervalometer and attach the fisheye Olloclip to it.


I hold it high above us to get a couple of shots then set it on the table so we can finish our dance uninterrupted.


We walk back into the car, get home, and spend our bedtime ritual telling my 5 year old stories as she asks ” Daddy.. Can you tell me a story on how you met mommy…”

She’s beaming at the evening that we just spent together – me ever grateful that I listened to that little voice that said I needed to soften my grip on our schedule and see what it does,..

Today, it handed me a wonderful parenthood memory I’ll never forget.

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  1. You just learned the most important lesson not only as a parent, but as a person. Enjoy your time with her my friend, because they grow up faster than you think.

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