The Mame Supergun/Arcade Cabinet Hybrid

If I had a single ounce of engineering in my body, and were handy with wood stuff, I would go absolutely bonkers making one of these cabinets for MAME. I wonder if anyone out there has made a variant of this – big arcade, tabletop, or other.

Personal fact about me: I grew up playing coin arcades as a kid – and got into a LOT of trouble for it. During college, I became an assistant manager of an arcade. I was the kid that went into the arcades in times square during the seedy era to play against the pros that would go there. Before and after college, I competed in several Street Fighter tournaments. I actually hustled people in college playing Street Fighter – making money for me and my friends to go to iHOP after. Yeah… I was -that- kid.

Though… funny story:

Street Fighter at State University of NY – Plattsburgh, NY:

My partners in crime Dave and Eric and I were playing Street Fighter at the college center. Like.. for 10 hours. Maybe more. We finished.. collected the money we made smoking the people thinking they had a shot and left the building.

To rest the eyes and take in some air, we laid on the lawn in front of the sports building. Closing my eyes and relaxing, I could still hear Dhalsim’s board. I believe it was elephants.

I shot straight up! What was that? Oh nothing. Back to lay down.

Again, it happens. Shoot straight up again. Back to resting position.

This continues to happen for like 20 minutes as we are walking around. I think we were headed up to iHOP when i CLEARLY heard the elephants…

… coming from Eric’s pocket.

He had recorded the Dhalsim’s sounds with his external casette recorder and was just playing them at random intervals. I couldve killed him…


So, geeky as it sounds – the Arcade (yes, including the big physical box), is something that I’ve always identified with as a bright spot in my childhood.

In a perfect world, i’d own a full arcade sized one like the Xgaming X-Arcade one they have. But that thing would have to live in the garage… and I think i’d have to live in it once I got it. But man it looks awesome!

So.. anyone else into arcades/mame? Have you ever built one? How easy was it?

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