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Excited about this morning.  Today I start shooting a project i’ve been working on behind the scenes for a bit – and has become near to my heart.  A couple of months ago I was approached by the Obesity Action Coalition to help them create a stock library of individuals with Obesity for use in news research, non-commercial television reporting, and similar functions. This is the start of a bigger project that I am working on over the next several months – and I think its a conversation that I think we should all have as photographers.

If you want to be kept aware of all of the stuff that we work on- make sure you follow the hashtag #RefocusObesity on social media.  I’m leaving the list of links below for you guys to check out – and i’ll share more about the project here as more of it comes about.
The Obesity Action Coalition

Video by Freddy Marschall…


  1. RC:
    Although best known as an actor, Leonard Nimoy was also an accomplished photographer. There are undeniable health issues related to obesity, but far more damaging than those can be the problems created by negative feelings about onecs own body. One of the projects Leonard worked on was called “The Full Body Project”. It was inspired, in part by this photograph by Herb Ritts:

    You can read more about Leonard’s project here:


  2. RC,
    I’ve been a Kelby member for years and was very sorry to hear of the changes they made. I saw your video on Facebook and am interested in your obesity project.

    I’m 5’11” and 245 if that tells you anything…. I have the cameras, lenses and lighting but I’m not sure how I would be able to contribute, so that’s why I’m writing.

    I’d be interested in your opinions. I’ll wait to hear from you.

    Glenn Forrest

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