Pushing the 11mm Lens at the Library


Found another shot I had done when I was in NYC in early August.  This was a shot of one of the reading rooms at the old New York Public Library.  I’ve always digged the expanse of the room, but hadn’t really thought about how to make that shot in a manner that let you see all of the room.

Canon was nice enough to loan me their 11-24 lens for me to play around with for a bit, and I had been looking for a reason to break it out and try it.  Soon as I got to the hotel, I thought this would be a good place to try.

Here’s my problem. If you walk in and take this shot from one side of the room into the other – and you shoot it at 11mm all you get is a super wide front and these big receding lines to the back.  Just didn’t think that this really called for that so wanted to do something different.


How about 2 11mm shots – one on the left side of it – one on the right.  Once theyre done, stitch them together in Lightroom.  This was shot with a tripod (Really Right Stuff TQC-14 w Bh30 head – cause someone will ask). (Click on the image here, and you’ll see it full screen)


While I was there Karen Akerson ran into me, and we got to chitchat about what i’m working on recently- thanks for stopping me, Karen! It was a pleasure to meet you!

Now that the studio is taking better form and classes are recorded I can get some time to get out there and start shooting again.  Remember – if you want to stay up to date – go hit that mailing list.  I’ll be sending stuff on that soon.



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