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The Tampa Fair

Ferris Wheel 2

The last couple of weeks have been a bit of a blur – running around writing and taking care of all of these projects that are in the air. Not that i’m complaining – it’s been a blast being able to work on the books (more on that later), but I was beginning to feel a little atrophy on shooting and I needed to get out and try some stuff.

Tripod and camera in hand I took off to the fair to see if I can get some cool shots. Thought i’d use some for an upcoming book, but just resolved myself to just go and stretch the muscles photographically just for fun. If something came out, great. If not – no big. In that – Photography is a lot like Fishing,.

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(note: clicking on the individual images will take you to the Flickr site, where you can see a much bigger version. Leave a comment if you dig it! – RC)

Gifts 2
A picture of a vendor selling his wares in front of the fair entrance.

Fool The Guesser
Fool The Guesser – This guy was my favorite. Aside from my buddy Lori picking him out for his specific look, he had a great vibe about him. Nice to talk to..

Viva - Snakecharmer
This is Viva – She’s a snake charmer with the Worlds of Wonder sideshow. Interesting vibe, so we had to make a picture.

Worlds of Wonder - Tommy Breen
Tommy Breen – Sword Swallower and host of the show. I have to say, I enjoyed talking to the people a little bit more than shooting them. I loved the pictures, I just found them to really have stuff to say.. so that was cool.

There are a couple of more shots on my Flickr set. You’re more than welcome to visit them by going here:

Tampa State Fair – A Flickr Set by RC


  1. I bet the people were very interesting to talk to. Gotta love the colors at the fair! Very enjoyable.

  2. The Osceola County Fair is happening this weekend and I want to try to go shoot a spinning Ferris Wheel. I’ve tried before here in Seminole county and get kicked out for using a tripod. Not near anyone else, mind you, but still can’t use it. Ever try to do a time-exposure of a spinning ferris wheel without a tripod? Let’s hope Osceola county is a bit more accepting.

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