A or B: What you See vs. What You Feel

It’s a common dilemma, really – do you shoot what you see, or shoot what you feel.  Both can be good, and both can have their uses in a scenario.

For me, the one on the left has a little bit more ‘mood’. As I see it, the person who set this corridor up wanted you to feel a certain kind of mood.  Relaxation. Comfort.  The feeling you get when you see a long wine list and go “Yeah. this is gonna be a GREAT Tuesday night” 🙂

The one on the right is technically correct.  nothing out of the ordinary, nothing bad.. or good about it. It’s just OK.  Either one would be fine really, but I wanted to put it out there on the Twitterverse (i’m aboutrc on Twitter) and had my buddy Matt posted it on his Facebook page.

Overwhelmingly, people thought A was  a better shot.

That I thought was pretty funny – as A is the same scene done in HDR.  Odd huh…  🙂

Hey.. come on… I just wrote a book on it..   promise it’ll be out of my system in a few weeks. 🙂




  1. I would agree that aside from a photojournalistic shot that is meant to be a news resource, I think that trying to share and evoke a feeling trumps being technically “correct” any day.

    By the way, I love the way the texture and tone of the right third of the image! Nice work, my friend!

  2. Not sure it will be out of your system “in a few weeks” rc. It’s been three years and it’s not out of mine yet 🙂

  3. Is that the basement at Kelby Training?

  4. What message are you trying to convey? The two images above tell a different story.

  5. Hey RC, Definitely the HDR looks better. The details brought out are way better in my opinion. After listening to you guys go on about it and looking at some awesome HDR shots, I shot my first HDR shot this weekend. Nothing major, just a park scene with 5 exposures, but I really loved the outcome. Can’t wait to do more!

    Looking forward to your book too!

  6. I liked “A” before I saw any of the comments. Now that the truth comes out about it being an HDR shot, I shouldn’t be surprised!! 🙂

  7. since i was taught hdr by the best (you last year in vegas) i knew what was what and why … love the shot … and i hope you don’t have it out of your system ever!!! 😉

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