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Be The Weird Person With the Diffuser

Aside from the Flash and the Camera, the one thing that I think people should carry around in their car is a Diffuser. Take for example me hanging out with my wife and daughter out in Long Island this past Halloween. I wanted to get a cool picture of her in her overalls atop some pumpkins, but the only time we had was about 2:30PM- about the worst light there could be out there.

sabie_pumpkins-7I don’t have the luxury of waking everyone up at 5:15am, getting them ready, and driving out to a patch to work with the ‘golden hour’ light – I mean, she’s one fer chrissakes! I have to make this work – and this scenario mirrors itself in a bunch of areas in photography. And all can be solved with a diffuser. Let me tell you how.


Sabine Reading (Or So You Think)

Sabine Reading (Or So you Think) We were hanging out Thanksgiving day getting everything ready for the feast. Sabine was playing around in her room, but it was very dark. We have those super knock-out-light removing blinds in there in case she naps. Rather than open the blinds up the entire way and let the sun bathe the room, I wanted to eek open a tiny bit of light into the room. Taking a stylistic cue from David Duchemin or Joe McNally, I figured, “Hey.. place baby by beam of light.. that should work..”

The thing you have to think about here is this. You probably wouldnt want to stare at the sun.. so neither will a small child. Instead of -facing- her to the sun, I put her back to it to get some around the hair. because I was metering for her head, I was guaranteed to throw the rest of the room near dark.


The Hilton President in Kansas City in HDR

Hilton President - Kansas City - HDRWhen I was headed to Kansas City a couple of weeks ago, I was met with this from a co-worker of mine… “I know you like looking for things to shoot when you get into town.. wait till you check out the lobby of the Hilton President”

Sure enough, it did not disappoint. The Hilton took over this hotel several years ago, and the entrance was just awesome! There was detail everywhere – from the sofas in the front directly in front of the check in area, to the second floor veranda with its ornate walls and columns. Problem here was that I did not bring a tripod with me to work on any HDR – I just hadn’t expected it.

As I was checking in however, I noticed that there was a bowl of Granny Smith apples there for guests. After helping myself to one I thought “Hey.. maybe I can pull this off..”


Modifying your Westcott Umbrella Adapters

westcottmods-1This was something that I needed to get sorted out.  I got the Westcott adapters for my portable SB800/900 setup and for the most part they worked well.  The problem that I had was that the adapters had a little metal piece that needed to sit inside of the shoe in order to keep the SB800 in place.  When that piece was gone, forget about that flash staying put!  This caused a great amount of pain when I was out doing some shooting, and I thought to myself, “There has to be a better way to do this.”